Robert Twigger

This Twigger guy is an interesting character. A while back I stumbled upon an article he wrote on polymaths in Aeon with a knock-out first paragraph.

I travelled with Bedouin in the Western Desert of Egypt. When we got a puncture, they used tape and an old inner tube to suck air from three tyres to inflate a fourth. It was the cook who suggested the idea; maybe he was used to making food designed for a few go further. Far from expressing shame at having no pump, they told me that carrying too many tools is the sign of a weak man; it makes him lazy. The real master has no tools at all, only a limitless capacity to improvise with what is to hand. The more fields of knowledge you cover, the greater your resources for improvisation.

Later I found another quote of his that made me laugh because people often say they love Amanda’s enthusiasm.

We are lead to believe that all ‘top jobs’ are occupied by smart people. But really smart people don’t have jobs. I mean – why would they? Of course at times they work very hard.  But this work is like the work you do on a hobby that really absorbs you.

And those ‘really smart’ people don’t often seem so very smart when you meet them, rather they appear enthusiastic.

He’s got a book coming out that I very much look forward to reading.Micromastery Cover.