Bali International Triathlon & 5K

On the day before flying out of Bali we decided to participate in the Bali International Triathlon and 5K.  Amanda signed up for the 5K run and I registered for the Sprint Triathlon.

I had reserved a tri-bike for the race but the reservation got lost in translation.  We arrived to the event with no bike and were saved by Yanti, a lovely Indonesian women who kindly loaned me her folding bike.

While I was out on the course Amanda ran the 5K in her usual blistering speed and was the second woman overall.

On the bike leg I was passed by a fit guy with the number 69 scrawled in permanent marker on his left calf.  I yelled, “I’m giving it everything I got and I’m getting passed by a #&$%@#$ 69 year old”.  The guy immediately sped up and left me in the dust.  Later I caught him on the run and we crossed the finish line together.