On Foot in Kruger National Park | The Napi Wilderness Trail

Kruger Park is the size of Israel with development limited to a few small camps and a few two lane roads. The rest is Africa as it was. The animals roam freely. Large sections of the park have been designated wilderness areas, mostly off limits to humans.

We had the opportunity to hike in one of these areas on the Napi Wilderness Trail recently.
The Napi area is teeming with both black and white rhino – we were fortunate to see more than fifty while hiking – but poaching is a major problem with 827 killed in 2014.

Hiking one area that had not been walked in more than a year we stumbled upon a rhino skull (see video below) that had been shot in the head and the horn had been removed.

We spent three days in the area with two rifle toting South African National Parks rangers and two South African birders who ticked off more than a hundred different birds from their siting list.  We helped them by continually pointing out the same colorful Bee Eater and they politely indulged our ignorance.  Together we walked more than 25 kilometers a day looking for the wide variety of game that call the Napi home and retreated to our primitive safari tent camp each evening serenaded to sleep by the cackle of hyena and the roar of lion.