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Last week we celebrated twenty-one years of marriage.  Whew!  Milestones like that cause us to look back and take stock.  We were surprised when we calculated that more than 1/3 of our marriage – a full seven years – has been spent traveling in foreign lands.

For years we’ve boasted about our frugality, in part because we’re rather proud in a shameless way of the fact that we paid for it all with money we earned ourselves.  In an era of trustafarians, we are happy to show that it is possible for regular people to buythemselves freedom.

Turns out others like that message too.  A few months ago an ad agency contacted us to ask if we’d like to be featured in a documentary-style vignette about our unusual lifestyle.  I was reluctant but Amanda – as usual – insisted we give it a try.  Thankfully I relented.  Enjoy…..